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OMO ‘Dirt is Good’ wins Gold at Transform Awards Asia-Pacific

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We are delighted to announce that our work with OMO ‘Dirt is Good’, has won Gold for ‘Best localisation of an international brand’ in the Transform Awards Asia-Pacific awards.

The Transform Awards Asia-Pacific are the only awards programme giving recognition to the best brand work in the region. The programme is now in its fifth year and rewards excellence in innovation, branding and best practice in corporate, product and global brand development work. 

OMO ‘Dirt is Good’ – one of the most powerful UK-owned brands – needed to localise their offering to address the growing concerns over chemical levels in products and the increasing speed of evolution and change in China.

However, with the brand’s powerful splat shape, harsh red colour and radiating rings of light, the existing packaging did nothing to cue ‘natural’ to shoppers and consumers. 1HQ was given the opportunity to help OMO enter the emerging soap powder category in this region with a fresh and category-challenging design solution.  

The new designs grounded OMO’s products in the expertise of the brand, providing valuable reassurance on efficacy and cleaning performance, whilst confidently offering a new natural proposition. This met what was seen as being the growing consumer need for soap powder – to be mild and gentle. With the additional offering of sensitive colour care, consumer research validated OMO as being suitably different to usual powder detergent available in this market.

Following its successful market introduction, the brand is now considered by Chinese shoppers and consumers to be more natural, made with natural ingredients, gentle on skin and easier to rinse away.


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