1HQ USA wins 3 2021 GDUSA awards

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Naturally Clean, Cool Cones & Country Fresh Taste.

1HQ were honored with recent wins in the 58th annual GDUSA American Packaging Design Awards with 3 of our long-time brand partnerships, Suave Kids, Klondike and Country Crock.

The GDUSA Packaging competition honor and award designs that: “celebrates beauty and style, of course, but even more important, the power of deliberate design to forge an emotional link with the buyer at the moment of truth.” 

Packaging design & product engagement are quickly becoming one of the most disruptive and important communicators brands have to tell their story and capture minds, hearts and purchasing power of their consumers.

With crowded aisles and web browsers, we focus our packaging design to be unmissable and to unleash the power of strategically and culturally considered design.

Congratulations to our clients, and teams that helped these strategic, branding and packaging designs succeed.



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Well, Well, Well.