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31 West 34th Street, 7th Floor
New York,
NY 10001


+1 646 204 1495

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1HQ USA is a brand business, where strategy and creativity combine, collaborate and connect to deliver smart, inspiring, and effective solutions.

We are an award winning team of curious, creative and committed brand specialists. We ask and answer the hard questions that determine how brands should be positioned, how they should innovate and how they are best represented through design and communication. All to ensure they are ready to win in changing, challenging markets”.

1HQ USA opened its New York office in 2016, in a bright, light-filled historic building, grounded in dark wood and rich jewel tones, and accented with our passion for hard questions – a pink neon floor-to-ceiling-sized question mark. Overlooking the bustling artery of Broadway, we grew into the fiercely curious and creatively energized team we are today. New York will always be our home base – an endless source of inspiration, from the buzz of street coffee vendors to discovering the latest street art – the City shapes our perspective.

As the world has changed, so have our ways of working. We are always curious, creative and committed experts – strategists, designers, organizers, and question-askers – and have an expanded reach with diverse team-members distributed across the US, from New York to California. We collaborate daily, seamlessly coming together with both planning and creative workshop sessions, that lead to our award-winning creative.

Our teams are tailor-made to add value. The right creatives, specialists, and ambassadors, on the right tasks, at the right time, delivering the right results. A strong foundation in insightful brand and creative strategy, hybrid working models, and customization of our process to our clients’ needs, make working smart and collaboration core to the 1HQ US culture.

We love gathering around a table and getting lost in conversation. Every quarter the full US team organizes and meets for a 1HQ Summit, to connect, create, and learn together. We immerse ourselves in all that our summit destinations have to offer – trying new foods, seeking out the latest trends from wellness, beauty, tech, or food and beverage innovation – getting inspired by art, retail, and culture.

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1HQ USA cleans up with 2 GDUSA Awards 2022

Diversity and inclusivity in design

1HQ USA wins 3 2021 GDUSA awards

Connected wellness across categories

Brand strategy, innovation, design and communication.

At 1HQ strategy and creativity combine, collaborate and connect to deliver smart, inspiring and effective solutions to the challenges faced by today’s brands.

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“What would you attempt if you knew you couldn’t fail?”


Managing Director – USA

“If the whole world was listening, what would you say?”


Associate Creative Director – USA

“Why is a pizza box square, while the pizza round, yet the slices are triangles? (pondered by a jealous celiac)”


Design Director – USA

“If you were on a deserted island that had music playing capabilities (don’t ask how!), what 3 albums would you bring, and why?”

David Macari

‪Senior Director, Client Strategy & Partnerships – NY

“What are you doing to combat climate change?”


Creative Strategist – USA

“How can you hear yourself think?”


Designer – USA

“Where is the line between creativity and insanity?”


Senior Client Manager – USA

“If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always afraid to make one?”


Account Director – USA

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