Meeting the challenge of change.

1HQ Global

The scale and pace of change facing brands calls for new combinations of expertise and experience that can deliver effective solutions with speed, agility and global reach.. The 1HQ Network has been created to offer an integrated approach to the development, deployment and ongoing evaluation of brands in fast moving consumer goods and consumer healthcare categories.


At the core of our networked offer is a group of companies, respectively expert in their individual disciplines, that together offer a comprehensive solution to clients’ needs.

Fast-moving consumer goods

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Consumer healthcare

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Adaptive design & print management.

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Sales and marketing mix analysis & optimisation

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As we continue to develop our 1HQ global network to ensure an added value service, we have also built a strategic network of agencies that we partner with to further enhance our core capabilities as well as extend our global reach.

1HQ is part of the Ceuta Group, a global full service brand management business, driving the next generation of integrated brand outsourcing services.