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Digital & Social Communications Strategy Director

We’re after a truly outstanding senior strategist with an unwavering passion for digital and social communications who’s not afraid to help shape something completely new.

This dynamic new role will take you way beyond Facebook carousels, Insta Stories, YT pre-rolls, Twitter postings and Tik Tok.

At 1HQ, we believe that commercial gains for the brands we represent are driven by our creative excellence… powered by the unique data-driven insight and analytics offered by sister agencies, Collidascope and Click.

This newly created role will sit right at the heart of this powerful gathering – a three-way relationship that allows us to marry creativity to shopper and consumer data continuously, using sophisticated analytical techniques to produce seamlessly connected media and creative strategies that can anticipate and adjust to changing times. 

By scenario planning campaigns, we give brands the agility and confidence to transition efficiently from one marketing mix to another based on their forecasted impact on sales, behaviours and ROI. In fact, we regularly improve clients’ sales performance by over 20% and more than double the returns on their marketing investments. 

Over the past five years, we’ve diversified beyond the pillars of brand strategy, product innovation and pack design to offer our clients a more complete and compelling offering. As a result, we’ve built a small but almost perfectly formed (after all, if it were perfect, there’d be no need for this brief) Brand Communications team.

Each and every one of us is passionate about planting brands at the heart of the stories we believe should be told before allowing those stories to unfold across audiences and channels in the most meaningful, relevant and impactful ways possible. In varying ways, digital and social channels are crucial to the success of each and every brand we represent. That’s why we recognise the need to develop our understanding and appreciation of them into something even more special.

So, if you share our love for the power of strategy and storytelling, and if you believe you have what it takes to help shape a truly unique, futureproofed digital and social comms strategy offering, then it’s probably time that we met and gave you the opportunity to tell us your story.

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