Senior Designer

Join us in the world of big brands and inspiring trends. Bring your best ideas to the table and inspire others to follow your line of thinking.

1HQ Netherlands is an emerging creative hub in Amsterdam with its heritage originating from the UK and spanning across the world from NYC to Singapore.

As part of our ongoing expansion we are looking for intrinsically curious characters, with an energy about them that is infectious. You will be involved in creating curated and effective solutions as part of our vision to promote brand integrity as well as challenge and inspire our clients.

Working collaboratively with the rest of the team in Amsterdam, you will be just as comfortable leading the team as well as getting involved in everyday tasks and mentoring the more junior members of the studio. We are particularly interested in the individual who inspires big ideas, motivates change and thrives on exceptional design, attention to detail and someone who thinks beyond the brief.

Let’s arrange to meet for coffee and to discuss your super power.

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